Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Harvest Monday: First harvest of Spring 2012!

Ok, so it's just a bunch of spring onions but it's something!  Thanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday (and giving me an excuse to get back on the garden blog horse).

I had decided to pull these and eat them instead of just pulling and replanting...the bed they were in needed about 6 more inches of compost so I could plant herbs.

Spring onions, cleaned and ready to slice.

These are a couple of the thinnings from my radish bed.  They are about dime-sized, and the one on the left is a watermelon radish.  Not much I can do with them though.

I sliced into one of these and they smell strongly of garlic.  Originally I thought it might be onions growing on my hillside, but now I think maybe garlic growing from composted store-garlic.


  1. Oh, I'd love to have some of your spring onions! I just planted mine a few weeks ago so will have to wait.


  2. Very cool, green onions and green garlic, both wonderful for stirfries! i would just munch those radishes in my salad! Tho this fall I plan to grow some of the bigger types of radish for cooking and pickles.

  3. Great harvest! Your spring onions are rad!

  4. Patricia: Thanks! I'm about to plant some myself so this will be the last load for a long while here.

    Mary: We're trying to grow some bigger ones but there are some tiny wormy things in that bed that seem to really like root veggies. I think we'll try radishes elsewhere in the fall. Radish pickles sound amazing!

    Sri: Thanks!