Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday: OMG Tomatoes Edition

So many pretty tomatoes this week!  I know there would be quite a bit more if the plants were healthier, but it's hard to complain too much when so many others have lost more plants than I even started with.

We also yanked our broccoli today in favor of some fall kohlrabi since it was practically done putting out side shoots, and we got the super-diseased squash out to make room for more beans.   I would still like to attempt more summer squash, but will likely do so in the back yard in buckets to avoid the squash-killing plague that is totally out of control out front.

Anyway, on to the harvest!  Thanks again to Daphne for hosting Harvest's always fun to see what the blogosphere is harvesting :)

Wednesday's harvest (that big guy is our first pineapple tomato).  The kids LOVE the tiny little orange sweet peppers there. 

Friday's Harvest.  Our first totally healthy cabbage!   Last year they were all destroyed by bugs...this year I only grew one but wish I had a bunch more!

Sunday's Harvest.  This picture was taken with the wrong camera setting so it's much darker than it should be.  That is the last green zucchini from the downey mildew infected squash plants.

Today's Harvest.  The banana peppers are still afflicted with some weird disease that acts like blossom end rot except the spots uniformly form an inch or so ABOVE the blossom end.  Very weird. 


  1. Fabulous looking harvest - I like the look of those orange peppers too - I can be a bit like a big kid when it comes to colourful veggies.

  2. Wow, what a nice, beautiful, colorful harvest! I am defintely jealous of the tomato's as our crop is all but this year. I have harvested a total of 3 cherry maters :/

  3. ooh, i love your harvests! so colorful! great variety of tomatoes. i'm growing around two dozen kinds but most of them haven't ripened yet, especially the big ones.

  4. Liz: One of the primary things we considered this year when choosing varieties was which veggies looked fun enough to get the picky kids to eat them :) It's worked with all but one so far. Those little orange ones are a variety called "Yummy Bell" and we stuff them with hummus.

    Allison: We're just getting cherry's now when last year we were rolling in them by mid-July. I feel really lucky to have what we do because it seems like a really bad year for tomatoes all around.

    Emily: Thanks! I think I remember reading about your tomato labeling mix up and just being amazed at some of the really weird varieties you have growing there. I had no idea there were things like the reisetomate and OSU've totally inspired me for next year!

  5. What beautiful harvests. They are all so colorful.

  6. Yummy. I just love the freshness of the color. Looks like a good dinner will be on the way.