Monday, August 1, 2011

Harvest Monday ~ Muppet Edition

This week's harvest was dominated by tomatoes and peppers.  The summer squash are all dying out, the cucumbers already died and the eggplant are still lagging from the flea beetle damage.  We also harvested two pieces of okra...though I am embarrassed to report that this northerner hasn't so much as even held or cooked with raw okra, so I have no idea whether we should have picked it already.  It could be way under-ripe or way clue.  

Thursday July 28th harvest.

Friday July 29th Harvest with our first and only White Wonder cucumber.

Last of the yellow summer squash and green burpless cucumbers.

Sunday July 31st Harvest.

First Okra?

Kermit Eggplant!  I should be able to pick it in a couple of days.

Check out other gardener's harvests this week over at Daphne's Dandelions!


  1. Your pattypan squash is so cute! What variety is that. I think you done well with your first okra. It is the right size to be pick. The younger pod taste much better than the older ones which is though. You can start picking them when the pods are 3 inches. Beautiful harvest!

  2. I wouldn't know about okra either. I've never grown it and probably won't ever. Your squash and tomatoes look beautiful.

  3. Very colorful harvest! On the okra, harvest pods while still tender. As mine come in, they're simply sliced over an open quart freezer bag. Put partially filled bag into freezer, then pull it out and repeat until full. Then of course, thaw, batter, then fry the whole bag full for some good vittles. Yeehaw! That's the way we do it.......

  4. Very nice harvest. Lovely okra, i am trying to grow them this year. I cut them into small pieces and fry them with seasoning. This is one of our day-to-day usage of okra.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

  5. Malay-Kadazan Girl: Thanks! To be honest I'm not sure what variety that is because I used a mixed packet from Burpee and none of pan patties in the picture were white! The light green Peter Pan squash might be it because it is described as white on other sites, though the picture sure does look green to me.

    Daphne: Thank you!

    Engineeredgarden: Thanks! That's pretty much how we eat our eggplant so I think that'll be the first foray into cooking okra as well. I know my husband has dreams of using it in gumbo-type stews but it's not looking like we're going to get all that much from our one plant this year.

    Sarada: Thank you and it was actually your okra picture that led me to your blog! I definitely envisioned Okra as having more of a zucchini-like feel than it does which left me really unsure about it.