Saturday, July 16, 2011

A tour of garden pestilence and disease.

Yesterday I posted some pictures of our completely barren apple trees, along with the spotty leaves covering them.  Today I thought I'd lump as many of my other gardening problems in to one post as I can.  I have not actually figured out what to do about all of these, but the first step is taking my head out of the sand.  

This is how the leaves look on EVERY SINGLE eggplant I have.  The flea beetles have had a feast this year.

This is what smashed flea beetles look like.  Next year the plan is to manually crush them  each day.

I believe this is downy mildew.  One squash has been pulled and the other three are looking sick.

I think this might be Septoria Leaf Spot.  It could also be early blight.  I've been battling this for months and every single tomato has it to some extent.  I just keep cutting off the infected branches and hoping for the best....not sure that's working out too well.

Another angle showing the issue with my tomatoes.  I've begun letting volunteer tomatoes grow all over the garden  as insurance against possibly losing all of the properly planted tomatoes.  

There are MANY tomatoes on my Early Girls.  But also many dead branch stumps.  I just hope the plant survives long enough to ripen them.

This is a jalapeno plant in a container.  I have no idea what is wrong with it, but my guess is mineral deficiency or bad drainage and over watering (or both).  I pulled it because it was pretty sickly looking with no flowers.

This is the only pepper we'll be getting from that jalapeno.  It had some black areas on it, which might mean nothing or might be part of whatever killed the plant.  I really have no idea if this is normal since it's my first year growing jalapenos.


  1. This really is the worst year I have seen for gardening in our area. I try to keep the faith that something will turn around soon but I think that is not going to happen. For example the cucumber beetles decended on me the other day in large mass. Very frustrating.

  2. Oh no! Our cucumbers got a very late start so I have the benefit of not having expected them to do well must be awful when you actually expected them and everything else is going down hill as well. So far beans seem to be the only veggie in my yard without a fungus, bug, mildew, virus or mysterious lack of flowers. Blah.