Sunday, July 10, 2011

My First Black Beauty Eggplant EVER.

While trying to clean up and organize the garden in preparation for fall planting, we discovered that the black beauty eggplant that has been the biggest victim of the flea beetles has set fruit!  There are two of these little guys growing right now, which isn't too bad for a plant I gave up for lost a few weeks ago.

Baby Black Beauty Eggplant

Tomorrow we should have everything weeded, cleaned up, trimmed, pruned, and pulled.  This means I'm making some difficult decisions on what to pull and what to let go for a little while longer.  The fall weather here in Pittsburgh is a total crap shoot (last year t-shirts were almost too hot for trick-or-treat night if you can believe it) so I would really rather pull things a bit early in the summer where production has slowed anyway than leave it in a week too long and lose everything else to a fall frost.

I just noticed tiny heads on my ground broccoli (WOO HOO!) so they will stay, but the one broccoli transplant in a bucket will be pulled in favor of something else.  All the carrots and beets were pulled today, and the two volunteer tomatoes growing in that bed will be tied up and caged, but otherwise left alone.  I may pull all but one cabbage...we'll see.

I'm not sure what's going in yet.  I have a ton of carrots that never got planted in the spring, so the three big green tubs will probably be planted with those.  Something tells me that carrots in the ground are WAY more trouble than carrots in a container when you're talking the compact space I have available.  Red and golden beets, as well as peas are a given but I do not know where to put them yet.  We'll also be starting several small pots of cucumbers, summer squash and zucchini to replace the ones in the ground as soon as they are killed off by the Squash Vine Borers that I KNOW are just waiting to strike.

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