Monday, July 11, 2011

Harvest Monday

Tiny Carrots.  Tiny tiny carrots.

Beets, golden beets, and tiny carrots.  The golden beets didn't get nearly as large as the red beets.

A Numex Big Jim pepper and the last of the spring planted kohlrabi.

Two gypsy bell peppers, a space miser zucchini, two Ichiban eggplants and  so many beans that they wouldn't all fit in my stock pot.  

Bush beans:  Royal Burgundy, Yellow Wax, some kind of green, and some kind of rare heirloom yellow shell bean that you can eat like a string bean if you pick it young and green (those are the flat green ones).  I'll have to look up the actual names of the things I planted.  

In addition to the above, I harvested another zucchini that was given away and everything included in this post from last Tuesday.  This is my first week participating in the awesome Harvest Monday over at Daphne's Dandelions, so be sure to pop on over there and take a look at what everyone else has harvested this week!


  1. What a nice harvest - look at all those beans! I am still waiting for mine :/

    What do you do with your Kholrabi?

  2. I love the purple beans? ARe those bush varieties? Do they change color when cooked?

  3. Wow look at all those beans. I've picked exactly five beans so far in my garden. I think next week will be better.

  4. Allison: I just chop up the kohlrabi into sticks and eat it raw. I didn't grow enough this year to do anything else, and that's how I remember eating it as a kid. Next season (or later this season if my fall crop works out) we will have to learn something new!

    RandomGardener: They are a bush variety called Royal Burgundy and they are quite prolific! Unfortunately they do turn green when cooked.

    Daphne: We went from no beans to OMG-SO-MANY-BEANS literally overnight. I assume it's that way for everyone!