Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Progress at the beginning of June.

My husband and I have been referring to these past few months as "The Spring from Hell" for various reasons that I don't wish to rehash. Basically, anything the could go wrong, did, and there wasn't much we could do about it. This, plus the constant rain, delayed all gardening activities except seed starting, and seed starting went REALLY poorly.

As such, the garden is WAY behind, and we're weeks away from having any type of real harvest. Still, we're hoping to get a big enough harvest later in the season that we can freeze a bunch for winter, and possibly can some sauce and pickles. If things keep moving forward we should be right on track.

This is what remains of our seedling starts. We also had some volunteers pop up that were added to pots vacated by other plants. We'll see how those do.

The three side beds are doing well. Some of the onion starts have died, but I think it was because the kids smothered them with straw before I could clear it off. It's all one area and I may put a cabbage there when I thin the other bed.

The long grey container is spinach, but it doesn't seem to be coming up yet. We still have some cleaning to do, and need to dig two drainage channels to keep the sidewalk from flooding and pooling, but it is looking a lot better.

The squash bed (triangle by the yellow buckets) is coming along, and I moved the thinned yellow summer squash to the cucumber/bean bed by the water barrel. At the time I had forgotten what I planted and thought I was transplanting some pan patty squash. Now I need to find a new place for the pan patty squash or take down some of the yellow squash.

The pea and bean bed is fully weeded and the tomatoes and basil are looking good with their straw mulch. We had some issues with blossom end rot last year, which seemed to be caused by the ground getting so dry so quickly. We're hoping this helps a bit.

Something is eating leaves from my beans and peppers. There are any possibilities, so I need to catch whatever it is in the act.

Beans all seem to be doing well except for the holes in some leaves. The kohlrabi is oddly untouched.

This is the side of the house where we stash all of our supplies for now (except for tools and anything that can't get rained on...which go in the sun room).

The water barrel is now set up. How unfortunate that it's been bone dry and a million degrees for the last few days when the whole rest of spring was nothing but rain.

We moved the herb pots to the area where the water barrel had been sitting out front. It looks a whole lot nicer now.

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