Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Around the garden...

I picked up two Golden Treasure pepper plants a few weeks back without really knowing anything other than that they are a sweet yellow pepper.  After doing some research, it appears they are quite long (8" to 9") and resemble banana peppers.  The plants are now barely a foot tall but there is one baby pepper already growing.

I have multiple clusters of Early Girl tomatoes growing on my two plants.  The other tomatoes have yet to achieve fruit set, though there may be some in hiding.

On the left, you can see a pretty large volunteer tomato in my tomato bed.  I'm torn because it's VERY close to my Early Girl and too big to move.  I think I'll be leaving it and keeping my fingers crossed.  

Yesterday's harvest was one kidney shaped ichibahn eggplant and a bowl full of basil.

The two Gypsy Bell's have a total of 4 baby peppers including the big one I keep watching.

The first Saffron Summer Squash...there are no male flowers yet though.

This kohlrabi will be harvested later today.  

Our newest family member is now 4 weeks old, and LOVES just sitting in a rocking chair sucking on a finger after she eats or when she's feeling cranky.  Unfortunately for her, Daddy's finger won't do, and Mommy's fingers aren't always ready when she is in finger mode.  See the problem here?
It's not good enough to just wash my hands either...I have to actually scrub and make sure none of the garden dirt stays under my finger nails or else it will end up in her little tummy.  Granted I ate tons of dirt as a kid, but I'm pretty sure the only thing a 4 week old needs right now is milk.

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