Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, as it turns out I'll be out of commission for a few days. We managed to get our peppers in the ground, plus two 4' rows of Blue Lake Bush Beans in the big 8'x4' bed, but after this I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope things grow while I'm gone.

For peppers, we have 5 plants each of hot banana peppers and sweet banana peppers, 8 green bells, 2 big early bells, and 2 orange bells. All of these were bought pre-started because we killed all the plants we started from seed this year (except for a small few that are looking weak).

We actually bought 8 of each banana pepper plant, so we still have 3 of each type to plant. I'm not sure where they'll be going yet, but probably either in some of the extra containers we have, or along a wall where I have extra space. I hope they survive in their trays for the next few days.

I'm kind of walking the line between square foot gardening and traditional row gardening. Next year I'd like to actually put string on my beds to mark the feet and use templates to lay stuff out more evenly, but this year I'm just eyeballing it. Beans and Peas are too difficult to lay out in a proper pattern so they are getting set in rows (along with carrots and beets which are also in rows) but peppers, herbs and squash are getting a more compact pattern.

I'm also planting as many complimentary things as I can. Last season our summer squash was DESTROYED by vine borers so I stocked up on radish packets at the end of the season. When planted and allowed to go to seed they are supposed to ward of the vine borers, but we'll see.

We also took our basil out of the pot and planted it in 4 spots between our tomato plants. I'd like to pick up two more types of basil, including purple so we can surround our tomato bed and try out the different types.

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