Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally! Planting containers...

The weather channel is actually calling for 10 straight days of storms and rain here in Pittsburgh, HOWEVER there have been nice long dry breaks each of the last two days that have allowed us to get some planting done. The beds are finally at the stage of being totally weeded, and I hope to get them planted later today after adding some mushroom manure and top soil if needed.

I managed to get 5 pots planted last night using a mixture of potting soil and peat. Two sweet 100 tomato plants, one yellow pear tomato, one ichibahn eggplant and one Chinese eggplant. Normally the cages would be stored for a few weeks but we're hoping they act as a deterrent to the puppies. They destroyed 2 plants and a tube of strawberry starts from the picnic table a few days back.

We did end up buying plants even though we planted our own this year because my 6 year old over-watered the seedings and effectively killed most of them. Next year I think we'll still start many things indoors, but cherry tomatoes and eggplant we'll just buy pre-started since we need so few of those plants anyway.

We also re-potted a bunch of herbs, though I forgot to take pictures. Here is the line of containers so far along the back fence:

Also, on a related note, we went to Phipps Conservatory last night and the place is TOTALLY planted with edibles! It seems like they snuck food-plants into every available space. We have a membership, so at some point I will take more pictures, but here's one little pot tucked away into a corner:

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