Friday, May 27, 2011

Catching up...

I haven't been home since Tuesday, but I managed to take some photos before I left. Here they are as a general status update before going home and HOPEFULLY finding lots of progress (and nothing eaten by bunnies) tomorrow:

The kohlrabi is still intact!

A volunteer tomato in the pea bed. I will likely move it to a 5 gallon bucket.

A line of peas with doggie footprints in the dirt.

Dog prints in the pepper bed.

Broccoli...though I do not remember the type.

The beginnings of the pan patty squash from Burpee. It was a mixed packet of colors so we will hopefully get a variety.

Space Miser transplants. The silver leaf pattern was concerning, but since both plants have it in identical spots I think it's normal.

The kids laid out the straw. It needs some touching up when we get home. This is basil between two Early Girl tomatoes.

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