Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seriously rain?

So, this year I've had my seeds and supplies on hand for MONTHS and even started getting the outside beds in order waaaaaaaaaaaay early. The problem is that everyone in the house has been sick. First it was stomach bug, then a cold, then pink eye, then a respiratory infection, then ear infections, infected teeth, scratched corneas and on and on in succession. Add to this my advanced state of pregnancy and the need to be in the doctors office almost weekly with some random sick person and then the need to reschedule everything cancelled due to the sickness for one of our few non-sick days.

This has given us very few windows of time in which we could any of our early veggies in the ground, and so far all of those windows have been filled with rain. I don't mind working in the rain, but planting seeds in the rain runs the risk of forcing your seeds to germinate through concrete once the soil dries to do?

Last night I decided to soak my peas and germinate them indoors in the little peat wafer things. It seems like a huge waste of peat pods, but I'm getting antsy about it, and the 10 day forecast is calling for rain everyday.

Peas Soaking (Oregon Sugar Pod II)

Seed Starting in a spare bedroom.

Baby plants.